How we started
2015, the year we were introduced to specialty coffee. It made us want to make our own. After a few years of learned the basics and research, business-minded friends and family pushed us to consider putting up a small coffee business to share good coffee to everyone. Now here we are. We chose coffee simply because it runs in our veins. More importantly, we are always amused and inspired by little nooks and small local businesses that we encounter—they make us feel giddy and excited about putting up our own so friends, family and others can enjoy coffee the way we enjoy it.
How we are different
678coffee makes sure that only the freshest and finest of the beans are poured into our bottles and cups. This is also one way of appreciating the good coffee produce we are getting locally. We commit to cleanliness and sanitation—as this preserves the good quality of coffee that we serve everyone.
Meet the owner
We are Marko and Dawn. When we are not serving coffee (pasta and sandwiches), we are, respectively, a banker and a real estate agent. To keep our sanity, like most of us, we spend time doing things we love. Singing, cooking, playing music, cycling, travelling, photography/videography and drinking coffee 😊
How we give back
Ultimately, we’d like to really help our local coffee farming industry. We’d like to give back, from the very least, our appreciation to our coffee farmers for giving us good harvests for us to enjoy. We encourage everyone to look it up and research how coffee is made from start to end, in that way you will learn to really appreciate the proper way of brewing and drinking coffee. All coffee berries are handpicked! ---Read this twice and upgrade your coffee drinking experience! 😊
Our promise
We started from selling our coffee online with the hopes of also reaching out to our fellow coffee lovers. The past couple of months we started our pop-up home garage café, and it has been fun. Coffee has always been part of most of us. Kicks off our mornings, keeps us energetic and alive during the day. But most importantly, we love how it connects people. The experience of sharing good coffee with someone somehow opens a different perspective and positive outlook. We commit to regularly improve the quality of our products as we enjoy this journey. And hopefully, drinking our coffee radiates to everyone as positivity and happiness in every sip.



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