Lemi Introduce Ourselves

Lemi is designed to help travelers save and share discoveries around the world. When you post recommendations on Lemi, you inspire others to try amazing experiences and support local businesses that they’d only hear about by word of mouth. Words are powerful, take our word for it.

Recommendations that Multiply

When you recommend places on Lemi, you gift people with things to look forward to. You ignite a spark that encourages strangers to try new things, and businesses to step up. Happy experiences create more recommendations, inspiring more people to get out of their routines and comfort zones. You don’t just recommend, you empower. Your recommendations on Lemi are gifts that keep on giving.

Supporting Local Businesses

Your unique recommendations help local businesses thrive. We designed Lemi to be like a megaphone - when you post on Lemi, your recommendations are amplified. They appear on search engines, other platforms, and are shared by us on social media. Your words become the reason why more people visit establishments, and why businesses get new customers. That’s how Lemi helps you make a big impact—we give you the power to make local gems shine.

How We Support

Lemi’s constructive and forward-looking environment puts the spotlight on special things every establishment has to offer. Wishlists inspire, memories tell great stories, and recommendations pay it forward. We know that life is a work in progress. So instead of burying businesses with bad reviews, we choose to give them a chance to be seen, be heard, and continually improve. If we’ve got nothing good to say, why say anything at all?

What We Support

When you put the spotlight on your local favorites, Lemi amplifies your recommendation to help others have the same fulfilling experiences. These recommendations help local businesses thrive. Lemi, as a company and platform, aims to promote small to medium enterprises that support local consumption, sustainability, and ethical practices.

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