AdaptAbilities Therapy Center

AdaptAbilities Therapy Center


DOES YOUR CHILD DISPLAY ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING? * appears overly active and has a difficult time calming down * has difficulty learning and/or coordinating gross motor tasks (i.e. riding a bike, skipping, hopping, sports games) * has difficulty with self-care tasks (i.e. trouble using utensils for eating, difficulty manipulating buttons and zippers to get dressed, toileting, bathing). * seems to have weak hands and/or tires easily when completing fine motor tasks. * has difficulty manipulating smaller objects * has difficulty with writing tasks (i.e letter formation, sizing and spacing). * uses a poor pencil grasp * shows poor visual motor coordination skills * shows poor visual perceptual skills * shows poor organizational skills * has difficulty with executive functioning tasks * appears to have difficulty with sensory processing skills * appears clumsy, bumps into walls or furniture * has difficulty with feeding and textures (i.e. is a fussy/picky eater) * refuses to walk barefoot on grass or dislikes playing in sand * overreacts to touch, smell, movement, sound, odor, light * child seems to be the quiet one that is easily forgotten, more under responsive * has difficulty playing and socializing with other children their age * appears to have difficulty with transitions and/or changes to their routine * has difficulty making eye contact * has difficulty following multiple step directions. Always check your therapists credentials to ensure legitimate hollistic intervention for your child. To know more about our services, please contact us at 📲 09685716980 or 09271500749 You may also visit us at Door 2, Demavibas Apartment, Palma Gil Porras Street Barrio Obrero, Davao City.

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