ANAH Organic Skin Care

ANAH Organic Skin Care


Our products were handmade soaps that are carefully handcrafted to treat your skin concerns. ✅No harmful Ingredients ✅Plant-Based Skin care products! Like and follow our Facebook page for more updates!

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Angelica Traquena

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    How we started
    Only a few months ago, ANAH Organic Skin Care was established during this current pandemic. The beginning of our story was at home, when we discussed our skin and our prior usage of soaps with numerous chemicals, which had further harmed our skin. After that, we used the same kind of soap, and we talked about how much the pimples and acne reduced as well as how the soap cleaned our skin without harming our sensitive skin. After we discovered the benefits of organic skin care products, we began to consider our product branding. Thus, Organic Skin Care was born. Another thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturer where we purchase our items from has previously been approved by the FDA. That's why we were certain about re-branding the skin care products, and we plan to get our own FDA registration under our name as soon as our business capital have been increased.
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    How we are different
    ANAH Organic Skin Care products are created with only organic and biodegradable materials. ANAH Organic Skin Care soaps use oils obtained from natural sources, such as sunflower and coconut, and do not use synthetic fragrances. In contrast to other brands, we've made use of the soap package to incorporate verses from the bible about beauty, because ANAH Organic Skin Care delivers not only skin care products, but also serves as a reminder that people should care for themselves and take pride in their God-given qualities. The things we sell are not just meant to improve our customers' appearances, but also to boost their self-esteem and inner beauty.
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    ANAH Organic Skin Care

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