How we started
It all started as an idea from our eldest brother who wanted to us siblings to start a business with our passion which is coffee, milk tea, food and desserts. We started from almost nothing, but we found a small lot that is meant to be a parking space for 5-6 cars. We saw the opportunity in the space, the opportunity to build something unique yet affordable. So, little by little we started to build the place, used almost all scrap materials, with little money to start but with a lot of passion and determination, we were able to build something that we can be very be proud of. And since we have already begun operation, we promise to provide excellent service from welcoming everyone to bidding good bye.
How we are different
We are different because we are the only restaurant in the area that offers teepee dining and we have awesome lighting design in the area. We can say that we are a very instagramable place or even a spot place to do tiktok videos, and on top of that, we serve a wide variety of food and drinks at that are super delicious at very affordable prices.
Meet the owner
The late eldest brother on the left, the one responsible for the idea of doing business together, the one in the middle is me, the one responsible for the overall concept, construction and promotion, the one on the on the right is our youngest brother, responsible for the delicious food being served in the restaurant, the master behind the great food.
How we give back
The loyalty card. Discounts and promotions. We also make sure to remember our customers and greet them with smiles and care.
Our promise
We will not serve out anything to our customers unless it has been checked for any imperfection, we always make sure to try out new food and drinks and bring out new products so that you will have new stuff to look forward to.


Boho Cafe PH

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