How we started
Founder always liked fried chicken and would order for a bucket delivery in a fast food even before the pandemic. However, his experiences have not been so good, delivery time is uncertain (even though the fastfood restaurant was just near) and actual delivery time was way past meal time. The fried chickens were not hot and soggy already. There were only a few good parts even for a big bucket. Jobless in the pandemic, he decided to try this new business concept: why not make Fried chicken specifically for delivery, and cook just in time for express delivery. It took him months and countless trials to come out with a gourmet chicken unlike the chicken in the market, with just leg and thighs, which are the tastiest parts of chicken. He started relatively "late" in the pandemic just to family, friends, and neighbours, but it has grown steadily because of its delectable products and loyal customers.
How we are different
Bravour Fried Chicken & Potato Frites are formulated specifically for delivery which means it stays delicious even if it needs time to be delivered unlike regular restaurant products which were originally formulated predominantly for dine-in. A gourmet chicken unlike the other fried chickens in the market, with just leg and thighs, which are the tastiest parts of a chicken. Real chicken Nuggets, made for 100% chicken breast fillet, are tender and juicy. With our premium herbs and spices, these nuggets are amazingly flavourful. It's a great appetizer. Bravour Potato Frites stay yummy when delivered, unlike other potato products which become starchy and dry. Products are also freshly prepared/cooked and delivered hot to you. So you can Savour the Best Bite possible.
Meet the owner
A fried chicken lover who's not even a chef or cook but loves good food.
How we give back
We give back by hiring those other companies don't normally hire, by training them, and providing them generously.
Our promise
We promise to give you the flavourful delicious food products so you can savour more magical moments with your family.

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Bravour Fried Chicken & Potato Frites

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