My top 5 countries I want to visit before I get poor 😂

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Madrid, Spain • Wishlist • 

Top 5 España!!!!!!🇪🇸 hola amigas! I want to visit this coz I love speaking Spanish. Yun Lang. Walang halong keme!!

  • Spain

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Lausanne, Switzerland • Wishlist • 

Top 4 Switzerland 🇨🇭 I still dream to spent my retirement days here. Imagining I’m on my rocking chair with my husband (shocks kilig) sipping hot milk. O kahit tour Lang! Basta mag katotoo lang 😂

  • Switzerland

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Quilotoa Lake

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Ambato, Ecuador • Wishlist • 

Top 3 Ecuadoooor!! 🇪🇨 What does it feels like standing on the equator? Malay ko kaya nga ako pupunta. /end monologue

  • Ecuador

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Mount Zion

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Jerusalem, Israel • Wishlist • 

Top 2 Israel 🇮🇱 I want to see the land where my Jesus walked. Where He preached, travel, did miracles, baptised, crucified, and the stone burial. I want to see all of these before I meet Him in Paradise . Also I want to swim on Dead Sea! They say that you’ll float. My kind of sea since I don’t know how to swim hahaha

  • Mt Zion, Jerusalem

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