Cud Ave Bites

Cud Ave Bites


Turning your "could have" cravings into reality. We are selling AUTHENTIC Ilocos Bagnet, Chicharon Bulaklak, Vigan Longganisa, Bagnet Bagoong, Sukang Ilocos, Kutkutin etc. for a very reasonable price.�

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How Cud 'ave Bites Started...
We started by just simply bringing in Chicharong Bulaklak in our office potluck with no intention of selling it but just to simply share something different out of the usual food that we get to dine together. Friends and colleagues started asking how we cook it, and after telling them the story of how tedious the preparation is, they started asking if we can sell it to them instead. At first we were hesitant, but as time passes, little that we realized that it is something that we can market at work. Cud 'ave bites, a slang term for "could have" and the word bites, meaning "something to munch" becomes an inspiration in creating our business name. Now, Could 'ave Bites, is turning all our customers "could have" cravings into reality. Our love for authentic Ilocano food inspired us to add Ilocos Bagnet, Vigan Longanisa to our frozen foods not to mention our bottled delights from Bagnet Bagoong, Sukang Ilocos, Kutkutin and many more to come...
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How Cud 'ave Bites is different
We always make sure that our products are freshly made and properly packed. We offer ready to eat meals to give our customers their time back instead of them spending it just to prepare them. Our Authentic Ilocos Bagnet is not just simply a deep fried pork meat, its boiled, dried, fried and refried before it goes to our customers for their own frying likings. Our Vigan Longanisa, is freshly made from Vigan and delivered bi weekly since we have a local store. Our Chicharong Bulaklak which is the star of our menu, is delicately being cooked to remove the excess oil and make it tender before frying by our customers. Our bottled delights, are being stored well to ensure that we keep the quality of it.
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