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Updated 2 years ago

Haji Lane

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Singapore, Singapore • Memory • 

Good for hangout, find some food also taking picture and many things

  • Haji Ln, Singapore

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Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 

This is my second trip to singapore. The first trip when I go to saw this places not amazed bcs they didn't put some decoration at those place. But the second time, this place amazing and beauty and many ppl take a picture with family, friends also with their couple. A lot of warm ppl come to this place ( singapore ) Sory, if my english not have good grammer. 🤭

  • Singapore

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Chinatown - Singapore

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Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 

I forgot where is this place bcs it's been a long time. maybe this is chinatown bcs I saw a lot of chinese ppl eat and sell chinese food. This place good to find comfort food and the price not expensive. 😆 not bcs the food cheap but the taste also good ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fyi, u have to walked to the small street look like alley.

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About Singapore

A “salad bowl” rather than a melting pot of cultures, Singapore is a diverse city-state known as one of the world’s top destinations

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