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Topspot Food Court

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Kuching, Malaysia • Recommendation • 

Seafood lovers, be spoilt by the choice you have here without burning a hole in your pocket. Top spot is a food court frequented by mostly locals coming with family, business partners, gatherings, etc. Situated at the top level (5th floor) of the building and serves mostly fresh seafood at unbeatable prices in Malaysia. Don’t believe that it’s cheap? Here’s an example of our meals here: 1. A steam grouper 2. black pepper crayfish 3. Japanese toufu with mushroom and chicken 4. Dried chili sea snails 5. Sambal midin (a must-try fern only found in Sarawak, cooked in sambal, non-exportable due to its short perishable lifespan) 6. 2 plates of rice 7. Fresh watermelon juice and ice lemon tea Total cost of meal: 85MYR equivalent to 20USD!! Almost all the stalls sell the same type of products. Take an empty plate, pick your lobster, shrimp, veggies, whatever you want from the wide array of uncooked food and let them know how you want them to be cooked. You could always ask them for recommendation. Pro-tip: The most popular stall among them all is stall no.25.

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Kiong Kopi Tiam

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Kuching, Malaysia • Recommendation • 

The Sarawak Kolo Mee Sarawak is popular for their kolo mee. The kolo mee is a type of dry noodle dish that is tossed over with sauce and every vendor has their own recipe. You could find kolo mee in almost any food court or food centre in Sarawak. You’ll not want to miss trying at least once. Kiong Kopitiam is conveniently located near to the waterfront where most museums and hotels are located. Don’t get turned off by the dark, dim coffee shop (kopitiam is coffee shop is chinese dialect, Hokkien), in there lays one of the best halal kolo noodles. A kolo mee spécial comes with a bowl of soup Tulang (bone marrow soup) at a mere 7MYR equiv. 1.70USD!! Make it 2 if you can stomach it. 😋

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Come On Veggie Cafe 泉興素食坊

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Kuching, Malaysia • Recommendation • 

Vegetarians will be spoilt for choices here. Local favorites like Popiah (fresh spring rolls made with radish and carrots ), Claypot laksa, Kueh Chap(no meat of course), Nasi Lemak (Nasi means rice in Malay), Mixed Rice (where they serve white or black bean rice and you self-serve the amount of dishes you want on your plate), and lots of Kuehs. Kueh or Kuih is a broad term on how Hokkiens and Malays call most dessert or food made from flour. Bring your troop here so you get to have a taste of everything or make a few trips if you want to try them all!

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Earthlings Coffee Workshop HQ

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Kuching, Malaysia • Recommendation • 

Kuching have some serious baristas here who brew some of the best coffee. Order an Americano or Latte and you get to pick 4 different beans according to your preference. Great ambience and nice to bring your laptop here to get some work done. They provide pretty good and stable WiFi. But do note that each connection is limited to 1.5hrs only. Clever tactic to get customers to buy more. :p

  • +60 11 1003 1208
  • Soho East, Sublot 16, Ground Floor Lot 188, Jalan Wan Alwi, Lorong 5, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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About Malaysia

A juncture of different Asian cultures, Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries in the world.

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