Hanchi Kimchi

Hanchi Kimchi


Our Kimchi is made in the traditional way with authentic products of Korean ingredients. Each batch is fermented in sterilised containers for 2 weeks to make sure you get the savoury taste and health benefits of premium aged kimchi.

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Meet the Owner

Hannah Laya R. Granda

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How we started
Having lost our real estate business during the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown, my husband (not in the photo) and I decided to find alternative income streams, one of which was offering food to our friends and the online. To our surprise, Hanchi Kimchi sold out batch after batch on our first couple of months. My sister, who was preparing for her Veterinary Licensure Exams, stepped in to help us in producing and marketing our products online. Our flagship product, Original Spice, soon became 6 products! Our loyal customers actively participated in testing and perfecting our recipes. Soon we had: Original Kimchi (our best seller) Mild Kimchi (with half the gochugaru) Wild Kimchi (with fresh chillies!) Kkakdugi Kimchi (cube radish) Buchu Kimchi (chives) Gamja Jorim (braised potatoes) God truly blessed us. But we really felt the ball rolling when we became an Official Lets Eat Pare Vendor. Our LEP family not only supported us by buying from us, but also in giving advice every step of the way. We experienced many lows, as well. With the well meant motive of supporting a local business, we entrusted the delivery of our products to a start-up courier service. Unfortunately, we lost nearly 10 Kg of kimchi under their care, and felt no accountability for. Nonetheless, our business continued to pick up because of our gracious and loyal customers. We not only survived 2020, we lived through it with much joy, new experiences, and several new meaningful connections.
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How we are different
Hanchi Kimchi produces aged kimchi, using only fresh vegetables and authentic Products of Korea as ingredients. We source all our vegetables directly from Baguio and finish the production of the kimchi within 8 hours from its arrival in Manila. This is to make sure that we use only the freshest and best quality raw ingredients. As a business born during the pandemic, our protocols were formed with the strictest standards of sanitation a home business can have — from wearing basic PPEs to the sterilization of our utensils and jars. We produce in an air conditioned and purified room. But what truly sets us apart is the consistency of our quality and the depth of our flavor. Unlike most local producers, we ferment our kimchi for 2 weeks before we release them in the market. Whether eaten as is or used for cooking, Hanchi Kimchi’s taste and texture simply can’t be compared.
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