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Welcome to Hannah Sweets, where our mission is to spread God's sweet love with every bite. We are a proud family business who prepares delicious meals and sweets for others. From our signature graham balls, sweet biko and fish fillet to our mouthwatering grilled liempo, laing and bicol express we have something to satisfy every craving. Thank you for choosing Hannah Sweets!


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How we started
Our family business first started as a hobby by our second eldest daughter, Hannah. She developed an interest in making desserts and sold her creations around our area in San Juan. This was in 2010 when Hannah was only around 8 years old. Years later, her hobby turned into our family business which we expanded to sell more dishes – all made with love. What started out as a fun hobby eventually turned into what helped our family in times of need, and what strengthened our familial bond.
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How we are different
Our entire business is really the fruit of the labors of each and every member. All aspects of the operations (marketing, cooking, baking, accounting, and so on) are all being handled by a designated family member. The recipes we put out are the dishes we enjoy together at home. Since our business is very family centered, customers are assured that all products are made with utter care and love. It’s amazing how we developed a simple hobby into a growing business. We’ve joined bazaars, put up booths, and even provided catering services pre-pandemic. During the pandemic, this business was what really helped us move forward since our pivot to social media as a legitimate cloud kitchen with over 3,500 organic Instagram followers. Our products are mostly sweets and desserts, but we eventually expanded to selling our family dishes which our customers seem to really enjoy. My family has developed a pre-order basis next-day delivery system, and we deliver around the Metro Manila area.
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Hannah Sweets

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