Your Dreams, Our Dreams
Our dream is to establish a Candy Cafe—home to locally crafted candies and sweets that carry our traditions and culture as Filipinos. We started pushing towards this dream by selling our Candy Turon, which we are yet to put back on the menu. Eventually, we have ventured into resin preservation highlighting weeds and other local agricultural curiosities. Still a lengthy journey to learn from, but we appreciate the gradual progress that we are making. Now, we are bringing the outdoors into your homes with our products. You get to connect with your community through food and crafts by supporting us.
What Do the Outdoors Mean for You?
You are longing for strolls, hikes, and adventures outdoors. And yet, there is more to it than just these activities--the outdoors is where you connect with your community through the good and the bad. Through building your own picnic using H+H products, we bring to your homes or workplace whatever the outdoors mean for you--whether it is the fun experiences, energy, warmth, or bond with the people and nature.
Meet the Head Crafter
I am Pauline, the main handcrafter of H+H. From the resin creations to the thoughtfully crafted spreads, I am the one who makes sure that H+H brings value to you and the community we are striving to build and inspire. I am the one that you will see during meetups and the one you talk to whenever you message the page.
Community is Everything
Aside from encouraging the youth to become active participants in local agriculture, we use our art to raise funds for the community as well.
Bring the Outdoors In with Us
We strive to #BringTheOutdoors in--its fun, energy, warmth, and meaning through food and crafts. From thoughtfully created resin accessories to carefully crafted spreads and candy turon, our slow hands are committed to bringing value to you and the community.

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