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Some of the best memories are made through reading a good book, viewing a majestic work of art but what’s more satisfying is by experiencing it together …

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Macau, China • Memory • 

Hi, I’m Ayeen and this is my 1st out of the country travel experience with my fave person in the whole wide world. Let me bring you to Macau with my heart-felt description and story about my quest. Hop on, sit back and relax as you read along my epic, fun and exciting venture.

  • Macau

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Macau International Airport

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Macau, China • Memory • 

“Our First Flight: Macao, Here We Come!” January 25 My experience riding an airplane was really scary, my heart keeps beating so fast, gladly Carl was there to comfort me and make me laugh to replace my fears with excitement. He told me “Ayeen, Tingin ka sa labas.” As I look outside the window, I saw a beautiful landscape filled with dazzling lights, I was astonished and mesmerized by it. My heart’s fuss suddenly turned into a fluffy heart-warming feeling. It was so beautiful!. (✿◡‿◡) After 1 hour and 30 minutes, I can see that we’re almost near our destination. The airport in Macau was a breath-taking view; their airport is surrounded by the sea. As soon as we get-off the plane “Whooo” I felt the cold breeze rushing to me as it touches my skin down to my bones… “What a soothing feeling! So Refreshing… At first, it was bearable, but as the night time approaches you’ll need someone to cuddle, perhaps a jacket to keep you warm. As we went out the airport and wait for the bus to pick us up, I was amazed by their bus; their bus is just like in the K-dramas and movies I’ve watched. As you ride the bus you’ll be placing coins inside a box-like container before finding your sit, they also have a USB socket where you can plug your phones just in case you’re running out of battery, Cool, Right? I also noticed that their bus stops have site map indications which would be very helpful for the tourist you only have 10% chance of getting lost.

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Ruins of St. Paul's


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Macau, China • Memory • 

As we arrived the apartment we've rent. I was lost in my deep, deep thoughts, “How are we going to fit in, We are 10 but there’s only 1 room” One of our acquaintances exclaimed “Mamaya na lang natin problemahin, kumain muna tayo. ” We all agreed with her, so we looked for a nice place to eat dinner. This is the most epic part, the first restaurant we've got ourselves into seems a nice place, they have fish swimming in their aquarium and their dining table has a grill-like structure in the middle, however we can’t understand each other, there’s a language barrier. It’s past 12 midnight already and we’re all starving, so we decided to look for another place to eat, that somehow understands English, Gladly, we’ve found one. ( I would like to apologize, I didn’t get the name of the restaurant, due to my hungry stomach.) The place was very welcoming as you enter the restaurant you’ll smell the savory flavors and the spices that they were using. As we start to place our orders. Yes, there are still a bit of complications but not like the first one we went to. Fortunately, one of our acquaintances got an idea, He asked the crew if they have Wi-Fi and yes they have. He used the Google translator and Thank God! After an hour battling with the language barrier We then finally placed our orders and they served them correctly. All our struggles where all worth it, the food were all delicious, My favorite dish was the spinach I never thought it could be so good, It was steamed with their savory flavors and spices, served along with their delectable chicken and tea, “Yum… yum… yum” My tummy has never been that satisfied! After eating a scrumptious dinner, we head-back to our apartment. As we stroll around... We saw the Portuguese inspired apartments, building structures and the hazy lights from their posts which adds up to that magical and relaxing feeling, It was so magical! I get to feel the wind running through my hair The end (✿◡‿◡) . . . . Thanks for visiting my list, till then ಥ_ಥ Stay humble, stay hungry, stay cute (✿◡‿◡)

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