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š‚š”šØšØš¬šž š­š”šž š«š¢š š”š­ š›š«šØš°š¬ ššš§š š«šžšÆšžššš„ š­š”šž š«šžššš„ š›šžššš®š­š² š¢š§ š²šØš®.šŸ‘‘ š€šœš”š¢šžšÆšž š²šØš®š« š›šžššš®š­š² š šØššš„š¬ š°š¢š­š” šØš®š« š€š”š†š”š’š“ šš‘šŽšŒšŽ! šŸ’‹ For bookings, inquiries and trainings message HypeBrows by Princess Paras-Ronquillo Aesthetics and Training Center

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