Come for the Conspiracy


After watching the Stranger Things 3 trailer (and a bunch of Netflix and Youtube clips of unsolved mysteries), I decided to jot down notes on some of interesting conspiracy theories. It seems that there's so much more to this world—neigh, this "dimension"—than we know; it's just a matter of digging deeper. 👻 #areghostsreal #arealiensreal #meninblack #secretlabs #mutants #maybetheavengersarerealtoo

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Updated 4 years ago

Camp Hero

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New Haven, United States • Wishlist • 

In the 80's, a few ex-workers of this former military base said that there was an underground facility accessible via now tightly sealed man-holes. The space was used to train young boys into psychic spies using tech from a crashed alien ship. It also hosted a successful time travel run which allegedly ripped a hole in space and time. In 2008, Camp Hero made headlines when the "Montauk Monster," a mutant beast with a bird's beak, washed ashore.

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Brookhaven National Laboratory

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Bridgeport, United States • Wishlist • 

If you needed proof of an inter-dimensional gate, well, Brookhaven National Lab has it: The Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) (STAR). It can "collide beams of polarized protons, unraveling the secrets of dark matter, quark-gluon plasma, and replicating the primordial cosmos existing in the first billionths of a second after the birth of our universe." Before it was functional, it raised a few concerns including the creation of an earth-threatening black hole, the possible transition into a new dimension, and the alteration of ordinary matter into a new form. Due to data that proved these scenarios wouldn't be possible, the project was greenlighted.

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Swindon, United Kingdom • Wishlist • 

The question is: How did man transport and arrange these boulders (some of which weigh over 50 tons) into the now-famous Stonehenge? The theory is: Man didn't do any of it—aliens did. 👽

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Area 51 Alien Center

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Spring Valley, United States • Wishlist • 

In 1947, it is believed that an alien spacecraft landed in Roswell, New Mexico. It was then taken to Area 51, a division of the air force, where it was examined by the US government to get ideas for the creation of spy planes. All claims have been denied by official bodies.

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Denver International Airport

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Aurora, United States • Wishlist • 

Going through airports can sometimes feel hellish, but Denver Airport takes it to a whole new level. Some say the airfield is actually run by the Illuminati! The proof? The horse with red eyes at the entrance, the gargoyles by baggage claim, the alleged hidden satanic symbols in the walls, and the involvement of the Freemasons.

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