Baluartillo de San Jose

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Following the defensive wall past the Baluarte de San Diego, you’ll come across the Baluartillo de San Jose. The stone fortress juts out to a point where at its tip, a store house stands, known as the Reducto de San Pedro. Going to street level, a tunnel reveals itself cutting through the wall and to the reducto (redoubt, a reinforced refuge). Winding through the walls and bulwarks of this little city, tunnels like these once coursed with the military’s ammunition before its storage in the reducto. During the latter part of the American Occupation in the Philippines, the Baluartillo de San Jose was also known as No. 1 Victoria Street, serving as headquarters to General Douglas MacArthur. The urgency of defense and battle have long been replaced by the leisure of tours and casual strolls on the perimeter wall. Atop the baluartillo, or small bastion, a view of the reducto surrounded by putting green of the Intramuros Club Golf Course stretches before you.

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Santa Lucia Street, Intramuros, Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines


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