HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard) by Taito

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Recommendation by Lemi

The quintessential arcade experience awaits you at Taito HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard). The humdrum facade of the five-story complex does zero justice to the booming atmosphere of smoke, neon lights, and electronic sounds inside. Each level of HEY by Taito draws in video gamer niches to its different themed floors. Master UFO catchers possessed by the crane gods collect plush toys on the first floor. Hear the pew-pew of toy guns on the second level where danmaku (a term for Japanese shooting games) experts rain bullet hell with hitman-level accuracy. Join others on a journey to the past as you walk up another flight of stairs to a hall of classic favorites. At the fourth floor, play endless rounds of beat-em-up’s like Street Fighter IV, Tekken 7, or Virtua Fighter 5 R (VF5R) through carefully calculated joystick maneuvers and button clicks. Reserved for new and Japan-exclusive games, the top level welcomes a younger cohort of professional gamers. More than just an arcade, HEY by Taito houses a community of gaming experts often taking the form of surgical-masked, buttoned-down shirt-wearing, stony-eyed players. Watch them show off their prowess and exchange tips and tricks to fellow wizards—maybe even learn a little Japanese and pick up a few secrets while you’re here!

Arcade · Fun for All Ages · Themed Interiors · City Life · Budget · Casual · Flexible · Quintessential · Boys' Night Out · Geeking Out · Real Deal · Adrenaline-Inducing · Conveniently Located · Big Family · Big Groups · For Two · Small Groups · Solo · Teenage Fun · Such a Steal

Open today: 10:00-24:00

1 Chome−10−5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0021

+81 3 5209 2030
Walk-in only, Indoors, Air conditioning

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