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Philippine mythology is brimming with both scary and enthralling mythical creatures. Even renowned author Neil Gaiman has expressed his admiration for the folkloric beings of Filipino heritage. The Filipino Mythos is filled with tales that shaped childhood memories (or sleepless nights). Of course these myths haven’t been proven, but who knows, they might be just around the corner.

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Mount Makiling

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Calamba, Philippines • Recommendation • 

Bathala, the universe’s supreme deity, sent the fairy Maria Makiling to protect Mount Makiling against invaders. She's perhaps the most recognizable figure of Philippine mythology, having been featured in countless TV series, movies, and documentaries. Some people claim they've seen her living up on the mountain. Whether it's true or not, it’s best to be on her good side.

  • Mount Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

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Naga, Philippines • Recommendation • 

The origin of Bakunawa, a serpent-like dragon, stems from many parts of the Philippines, but the Bicol version of the “moon-eater” takes goddess form whose ethereal beauty vanishes because of her wicked acts towards Bulan, one of the seven moons. Her dragon form is featured in games like EverWing!

  • Bicol, Philippines

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Roxas City, Philippines • Recommendation • 

Aswang or vampire ghouls come in many forms and can shape-shift into an animal at will to avoid danger with numerous alleged sightings in Capiz. Aswang are probably the most familiar creature as they frequently appear in horror Filipino media.

  • Capiz, Philippines

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Mount Canlaon

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Mansilingan, Philippines • Recommendation • 

The Amomongo, a human ape-like beast that holds superhuman strength, rests in Mount Kanlaon. Amomongo is notorious for devouring animals in the forest using its sharp, long claws. There are numerous reports of an alleged Amomongo encounter with locals, so next time you visit Mount Kanlaon, you now have other things to watch out for.

  • Mount Canlaon, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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Panalanoy, Philippines • Recommendation • 

A beautiful wife by day, a frightening monster by night. Abat is a winged creature that can detach itself from the waist down and roam during the quiet midnights in Eastern Samar. It's always on the hunt for human blood and even lures men into marriage to feast on their flesh.

  • Samar, Philippines

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Iloilo City

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Iloilo, Philippines • Recommendation • 

The 30-foot tall Mantiw is a spirit that frequents farmlands come nightfall. Mantiw loves to whistle, so think twice before you try a duet since it hates sharing the spotlight. Legend says there was a young man who was lifted up by Mantiw to the height of its shoulder for making loud noises, and you certainly don't want that, right?

  • Iloilo, Philippines

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Laoag, Philippines • Recommendation • 

Not to be confused with mermaids, the Berberoka inhabits the deep waters of Apayao, waiting for the right moment to strike. Berboka lures fisher to their doom with alluring tactics. Despite its large size, Berberoka fears crabs. It actively hunts during nighttime, so you might want to reconsider your evening plunge if you're on a beach vacation.

  • Apayao, Philippines

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Olongapo, Philippines • Recommendation • 

Bungisngis is always giggling, but honestly, there's no fun in encountering this one-eyed giant. It possesses superhuman strength and hearing. It’s also known for its predacious behavior but can be outsmarted by his prey, as depicted by a story entitled "The Three Friends – The Monkey, The Dog, and The Carabao." In the story, the Bungisngis was tricked by the monkey to accept a giant snake, leading to its demise after assuming it’s only a belt.

  • Bataan, Philippines

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Baclayon, Philippines • Recommendation • 

Bohol is home to many beautiful destinations, but there are said to be creatures roaming its fields every night. No, not the tarsiers, they’re called Sigbin. Sigbins can vanish at will and ingest the blood of its victims. Some say these goat-like creatures also bring prosperity, so there are people that keep them as pets.

  • Bohol, Philippines

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