Daning River


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Yinwotan (Silver Nest Shoal) is named so because the dangerous waters overturned many boats carrying rich men and their treasures in ancient times. Today, it’s safe to pass—it’s even traversed quite often by tourists sightseeing along Yangtze River. According to legend, a boy named Yin Long, who lived near the shoal, worked for a man who owned a boat. One day, a relative of Yin Long’s boss instructed him to steer the boat. The relative was a greedy, boastful man who loved showing off his fortune. While they were passing one of Daning River’s gorges, the boat wobbled, causing a few silver items to drop into the river. The rich man thought that Yin Long did this on purpose, so he had the boy beaten and thrown onto the sand. A dragon prince saw Yin Long in danger, so he sent him a precious wish-granting pearl. When the rich man found out about the pearl, he ordered for Yin Long to be captured. Before he could be caught, Yin Long jumped into a pool in Daning River, turned into a huge dragon, and drowned the rich man and his roughnecks. Yin Long was said to have lurked in the shoal, sinking ships that avaricious men took. He has, however, stopped stirring up trouble after seeing that no greedy men continued to exist.

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Wushan County, Chongqing City, China


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