La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City)

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From the starting point in Santa Maria, the five-day trek to La Ciudad Perdida involves a lot of things: communing with indigenous groups, sleeping in humble accommodations, hiking through dense jungles, bathing in gushing rivers, and coming face-to-face with exotic animals. Even with a name as literal as “The Lost City” in Spanish, the abandoned village was never really isolated to natives—just the rest of the world. That means that the only way here is by a local guide and translator. The challenge is worth it in the end when the lush land starts to form into stone terraces. The view of the region’s vast expanse comes into full view as you ascend the 1,200 flat stone steps to La Ciudad Perdida, finally emerging from under the canopy of trees. The Tairona people rooted themselves 3,000 feet above sea level to be close to the stars and their god, Wymaco. Amidst the untouched landscape, it always feels like “The Lost City” has been found for the first time.

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Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia

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