London Bridge (Arizona)

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The nursery rhymes were true, London Bridge was falling down! The City of London sold its eponymous bridge when they found that it was sinking into the Thames River under the weight of modern traffic. Its new home would be “across the pond” on Lake Havasu in Arizona. Local businessman and land developer, Robert McCulloch, bought the bridge for USD2.5 million and had it transported for USD7 million more. It was dismantled, shipped, and reassembled, structurally fortified in the process. It was a mad idea fueled by even crazier motivation. The London Bridge was intended as a magnet to entice potential residents to McCulloch’s newly established Lake Havasu City. The plan was bold enough to work. The amalgam of houses, resorts, and everyday amenities are a testament to this one man’s outlandish plan that flourished in The Land of Opportunity.

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA


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