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Delegate, a free-to-use online marketplace that lets you discover and book events vendors, packages, and services, was founded by Melissa Lou and Jacqueline Ye. They met while working for concierge company Quintessentially Group, where they both experienced the frustrations of events planning. To get Delegate going, the duo learned how to “speak a man’s language,” especially during investor meetings. They would often hear sexist remarks and they would deal with them by being objective, reassuring, and, at times, sarcastic. By doing so, they are usually able to point out the absurdity of questions like “What happens to your business when you start a family?” By standing their ground, they have successfully expanded the company Hong Kong; and the platform now boasts a combined total of 1,700 vendors and 70,000!

Corporate Office

WeWork, 8 Cross Street, #18-00, Singapore

+65 9168 8386
Indoors, Air conditioning

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