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Tacos are one of the most beloved dishes in Mexican cuisine and they are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. They become even more in demand during Cinco de Mayo, a festive holiday that is celebrated as a way of honoring Mexican heritage. Traditionally, this Mexican street food consists of marinated pork that is stuffed into a pillowy, pita-like flour tortilla. Now, it has evolved into various forms in different countries. Grab your cerveza, sit back and relax as you see how creative and innovative tacos are made around the world.

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Updated 2 years ago

Sugoi JPN - Japanese Latin Street Food - Takeout & Delivery in Shoreditch

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London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 

Swap out the flour tortilla for nori or seaweed and you'll get Nori + Taco = NoriTaco. This unique taco was created by the London-based company Sugoi JPN. The NoriTaco has a crispy seaweed tempura shell shaped like a taco and filled with a hybrid of Japanese and Latin toppings. One popular variation is the tempura soft shell crab that gets a kick from the accompanying spicy mayo. There's also a Katsu version filled with Japanese breaded pork, avocado, sesame seeds, chives and tonkatsu sauce.

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La Superior

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New York City, United States • Recommendation • 

La Superior is a Michelin Guide-recommended taqueria based in New York. Its specialties are the tacos with housemade chorizo as well as the Taco lengua (beef tongue). Not to be missed is the Taco Pavo en Escabeche, a slow-roasted turkey taco cooked in escabeche sauce.

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Mesa Verde

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Surprise, United States • Recommendation • 

How would you like blueberries with your taco? Blueberry chipotle salsa is served along with jackfruit that has been shredded to look and taste like chorizo. Expect a sweet, spicy, sour, and savory taste from the caramelized onion, cacao black bean, sumac, heirloom tomatoes, and jalapeno onion slaw added to this one-of-a-kind taco.

  • Mesa Verde, CA 92225, USA

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Chicago, United States • Recommendation • 

Barrio's Forest Mushroom tacos are healthy and flavorful treats made with freshly house-made heirloom blue corn tortillas. Seasonal mushrooms are sautéed in white truffle garlic crema and sprinkled with cotija cheese and gruyere, giving them a rich and creamy base.

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Rockin Tacos

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Mobile, United States • Recommendation • 

Take a trip to the wild side by trying Gator tacos...as in alligator tacos! Florida's Rockin' Tacos offers gator meat seasoned with Cajun spices and served over its signature coleslaw topped with chipotle aioli and green onions. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the tenderness of the meat since the gator is marinated in buttermilk for 12 hours before being lightly fried.

  • +1 850 226 8226
  • 1450 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, USA

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IO Godfrey Rooftop Lounge

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Chicago, United States • Recommendation • 

Pistachio gelato is the star ingredient of I|O Godfrey's whimsical Ice Cream Tacos. Their homemade waffle cone shell is then filled with a chocolate-covered banana, strawberry marmalade, crumbled Fruit Loops and sprinkles before being topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Now that is a sweet ending to any fiesta!

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