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Let’s end the year as I take you around the world with my travel quiz! Answer these questions by leaving a comment below each place. No cheating by googling!

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Updated 3 years ago

The Great Wall of China


4 saves

Shunyi, China • Wishlist • 

1. True or false, the Great Wall of China can be seen from space?

  • Huairou, China

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Grand Canyon National Park

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Henderson, United States • Wishlist • 

2. Which river runs through the Grand Canyon?

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Charles Darwin Down House

1 save

Croydon, United Kingdom • Wishlist • 

3. Which famed English scientist and naturalist lived here?

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Anchorage, United States • Wishlist • 

4. The highest mountain in North America was formerly named after which US president?

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Giant's Causeway

3 saves

Derry, United Kingdom • Wishlist • 

6. What volcanic rock are these hexagonal columns in Northern Ireland made from ?

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Robben Island

2 saves

Cape Town, South Africa • Wishlist • 

7. Who was the most famous inmate at Robben island, who later became its country’s president?

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Pin Oak Court

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Melbourne, Australia • Wishlist • 

8. Pin Oak Court represents Ramsey Street, a fictional street which is the location of which long running Australian Soap Opera?

  • Vermont South, Australia

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Brussels, Belgium • Wishlist • 

9. Which 1958 event was this building in Brussels constructed for?

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Salto Angel (Angel Falls)

5 saves

Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela • Wishlist • 

10. The Angel Falls are the a) tallest b) widest c) most powerful waterfall in the world?

  • Bolívar, Venezuela

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