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1995 Studio Cafe

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Vigan, Philippines • Recommendation • 

Since I am locked down here in Ilocos, my food became the same routine, longganisa, bagnet, at empanada. I have little access to the famous restaurant in manila since I am in the middle of the farm. I found this small cafe near Calle Crisologo where I found different food besides from the common food here. What to try: ✔️ Buffalo Wings - Breaded chicken wings, fried then tossed in buffalo sauce. ✔️ Shrimp Alfredo - Spaghetti in a creamy parmesan sauce topped with sauteed garlic shrimp. ✔️ Beef Pares - Tender beef chunks in a spiced sauce and sprinkled with chopped green onions. ✔️ Bagnet Tofu Sisig ✔️ Frappe Matcha ✔️ Dulce de Leche 🔘 Price range: 💰💰 🔘 It is very accessible if you're going to commute from the bus terminal. If you're going to drive via car, it will be hard to find a parking lot since they are along the highway 🔘 My only comment with Buffalo Wings and Bagnet Tofu Sisig, if there will be an option what is the spicy level of the dish, 🔘 The Shirmp Alfredo is cream base, so don't expect too much since it's a cream base. I didn't say that it's not good at all but it's just cream based. 🔘 I am not a fan of Beef Pares, but theirs is so good that made me eat the whole bowl. 🔘All of their drinks are good plus the base of their tea is Black Tea. 📍 Ground Floor GSP Building, Leona Florentino corner Plaridel St. Vigan, Ilocos Sur 2700 City of Vigan #takawtikim

  • 14 Crisologo, Vigan City, 2700 Ilocos Sur, Philippines

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Bantay Bread

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Vigan, Philippines • Recommendation • 

I love supporting SMEs, can you believe that they are just a simple bakery that you can buy single bread and put it in plastic? Yes. They used to be the usual bakery that we used to but during the start of quarantine they decided to make their hopia and pianono a bundle and put it in a box. Their Flagship bread is Pianono, they already mastered doing the pianono that's why it's so perfect. If you didn't know where Pianono came from, Pionono describes different sweet or savory pastries from Granada, Spain, the Caribbean, South America, and the Philippines. It is named after Pope Pius IX's name in Spanish, "Pio Nono". They also have flavored pianono Pandan, Strawberry, Mocha, and Ube. 📍 Bantay, Ilocos Sur #takawtikim

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Santiago Cove Hotel and Restaurant

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Vigan, Philippines • Memory • 

SANTIAGO COVE, SABANGAN, SANTIAGO, ILOCOS SUR I've been wanting to go to Santiago, Ilocos Sur for being dubbed as Boracay of Ilocos Sur because of its white sand. It was called Sabangan or Santiago Cove because of its cove shaped paradise. Finally, I have the time to visit this place. HOW TO GET THERE: Ride a bus bound to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. Tell the conductor to drop you off in Santiago, Ilocos Sur, Municipal Hall. Fare: 800pesos - 1000pesos. ($18 - $20) Rent a tricycle going to Santiago Cove or Sabangan Cove: 250pesos ($5) There are cottages that you can rent made by the local government and there are also Hotels where you can stay. The time we went there, it jumped pack since it was a holy week. Upon entering the Hotel, the entrance was their buffet or the restaurant area. They don't actually have a lobby area. Their buffet cost around 400-700php. Don't miss their buffet because they serve really good Ilocano and Filipino food. The beach is open to the public, they can enter the premises even they are not staying in the hotel. Don't expect that the beach is really clean, I did not enjoy the beach side because I can see liter on the shore and in the water. What you'll enjoy are the calm water and the fine sand. The hotel has a 5feet pool and a kiddie pool. There are other amenities on the beach front. Thye have Kayak, Jetski, Island Hopping, and Paddle Boat. If you are tired in the waters and other beach activities, I found a view deck 20feet away from Santiago Cove. The deck can give you the whole view of the cove, as well as the mountains of Ilocos at the distance that serves as the beach’s background. You can find a centuries-old-Spanish watchtower located along its coast. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to go inside or near the premises because it's private property. Overall, My Santiago Cove Hotel stay was good, their amenities were good and well maintained. It was another fun-filled vacation with comfy rooms and clean bathrooms. It's just their service must be improved in the future, their staffs are not attentive and approachable or maybe because of the language barrier. But It's a good and affordable hotel, I hope they'll improve it for future rendezvous.

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Pinsal Falls Road

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Vigan, Philippines • Memory • 

LEGENDARY PINSAL FALLS, STA. MARIA, ILOCOS SUR Pinsal Falls is a Legendary Falls because it was rumored to be the giant Angalo's footprint. Angalo is a legendary creation giant from Ilocano mythology with prehispanic origins in the Ilocos region of the Philippines. Angalo was the first man, and son of the god of building. Angalo's head touched the sky and he could easily walk from the Ilocos Region to Manila in one step. Through Angalo's actions, he shaped the hills and mountains of Luzon, formed the oceans, and put up the sky, sun, moon and stars.Prehispanic Ilocano people attributed the sound of thunder as Angalo's voice, earthquakes as his movements, and rainbows his hanging G-string. Angalo was not alone, he had a giant wife named Aran and together they had three daughters whom the Ilocano, Aeta and Igorot people are descendants. Landscape Mythology of Angalo Throughout the Ilocos Region, Abra and Benguet many geological formations are attributed to Angalo and his family. Small valleys and gulches in the Cordillera Central mountain range are often noted as the giant footprints of Angalo such as found in Sudipen, La Union and San Quintin, Abra. In addition, large caves in the Ilocos Region and Abra are often described as being former shelters for Angalo's wife and his daughters. In Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur the large depressions and pools around Pinsal Falls are said to be created when Angalo knelt and drank from the falls. Pinsal Falls In Santa, Ilocos Sur the Banaoang Gap, a water gap where the Abra River breaks the Ilocos mountain range, is said to be created by Angalo. Long ago, the Abra region east of the Ilocos mountain range was once a lake. One night, Angalo slept on the shore of the lake, and as he slept, he kicked the Ilocos range and in doing so unleashed the lake and created the Banaoang Gap. HOW TO GET THERE: Ride a bus bound to Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Tell the conductor to drop you off in Sta. Maria Ilocos Sur, Municipal Hall. Fare: 800pesos - 1000pesos. ($18 - $20) Rent a tricycle going to Pinsal Falls Fare: 250pesos ($5) Environmental Fee: 20 pesos It is located at Brgy. Baballasioan, which borders Pilar, Abra. No worries if you're bringing car, it is accessible via 9km road from Sta. Maria town proper. Trekking at Pinsal Falls It's a 15 mins trek to see the view and beauty of Pinsal falls, and that's 15 mins challenging trek for me but it's worth it. The trails have carved steps you don't have to worry about climbing with large rocks. but by the time we get there, the falls are a bit drought because of summer season, I think the best time to go there is November.

  • Pinsal Falls Rd, Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

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Vigan, Philippines • Memory • 

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING WITH DIVE ILOCOS SUR I had the chance to try Scuba Diving with Dive Ilocos Sur. PGIS DIVE CENTER is an eco-tourism project of Gov. Ryan Singson aimed to help grow tourism in the province, provide alternative livelihood to coastal communities and reduce fishing pressures on the beautiful marine resources. Two diving spots are near me since the weather is not cooperating the Diving Master decided to do my Intro Diving in Sinait. Sinait is the last town of Ilocos Sur. Because of its main commodity, garlic, Sinait is also known as the Garlic Center of the North. This town is surrounded by bodies of water and I didn't know they have a diving spot until now. HOW TO GET THERE: Ride a bus bound to Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Tell the conductor to drop you off in Vigan Ilocos Sur, Vigan Library(Dive Ilocos Sur HQ). Fare: 800pesos - 1000pesos. ($18 - $20) The Dive Ilocos Sur will bring you to the Diving Spots. WHAT TO BRING: Full Body Rashguard or Rashguard Sunscreen 2000pesos for Discover Scuba Diving payment. We parked in Dadalaquiten's Barangay Hall, They are very welcoming and ready to assist you. They'll ask you to register your rame for your own safety maybe. I'm quite nervous and hesitant doing the scuba. I never had a proper swimming lesson in my life. I almost overthink what if the Air Tank didn't make it thru. HAHA. The weather is not that sunny because of the low-pressure area. While the Dive Ilocos Sur Team is still preparing the gear. I still have minutes to decide I'm going to pursue this. Before going into the water, there will be safety guidelines and basic scuba skills. The water has weight and exerts pressure. The deeper you go, the more pressure water exerts. Pressure does not affect water, but it does affect air. They will also explain all the equipment you'll use during the dive, and help you put it on and adjust it. They will also teach you the hand signal and you need to remember every signal because this will help you communicate underwater. Going down, you add air to air spaces to equalize them. You can do this easily because you carry your air supply with you. If you feel discomfort at any time you can signal it to the Diving Master. Your lungs are your most important air space to equalize as you go up and won in the water. Breath continuously - never hold your breath. Holding Breath traps air in the lungs. Trapped are expands as you go up. Failing to breathe normally may result in lung overexpansion and can cause serious injury or death. Continuously Inhale and Exhale. Take it slow, especially while going up. Using your fins for swimming. Keep your arms at your sides. Point your toes and keep your body straight. Kick slowly from the hips with your knees bent slightly. Move slowly and glide along. As I go down, I never feel anything just the pressure on my ears. Just keep swimming and you won't realize that you are already in 30feet.

  • Sinait, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

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