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There are a lot of businesses inspired by sports. Some of them don’t necessarily live in the field, but by simply knowing who’s behind them and the kind of athlete-thinking that goes into building and marketing their products, you get to appreciate their brand stories. Here, allow me to share some of my favorite brands whose philosophies and standards are inspired by the love for the game.

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Casa Atletica

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I’m a big fan of this brand that started over the quarantine! If you wanna talk about products, their offerings are what you would need to complete your home workout setup—nothing too large, heavy, or intimidating to own. They’re all easy to store away. They have everything from mats to jump ropes and elastic bands, and we use them here at home! But what I love the most about them is how they managed to create content not just to drive a product but a lifestyle and a community. It’s done by these sports science majors that are taking what they’re learning to democratize knowledge in a way that’s natural and non-intimidating. It’s not snooty; there’s no flexing, no pun intended either. I’m so upset I don’t have equity in this brand because if there was a way to kind of buy-in, I’d do it in sec.

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Somewhere 1109

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Quezon City, Philippines • Recommendation • 

I’m such a big fan of a couple of clothing brands because of the people behind them and their incredible attention to quality and product. One of my dear friends Finn, who’s probably one of the creatives anywhere in the world that I greatly admire, has this brand called Nobody. The clothing brand is made by a bunch of nobodies. I think their ability to communicate what’s important to them without necessarily caring for whether or not other people get it or not is the best thing about it. It’s made by nobody, for nobody. They don’t have a particular target market in mind; they just make everything because they like to. That team likes those things. It’s a testament to if you make something authentic to you, then eventually, people will see that and support you. They’ve embodied that brand story, and I would say that they’re the local streetwear brand that I’m impressed with right now.

  • 24 General Romulo Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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There’s another brand called Tenement that I think is closest to sports because of its direct references and inspirations from basketball culture in the Philippines. The one who’s behind the brand is this incredibly enthusiastic young designer who has always been a sponge when it comes to anything he can see, feel, or learn from, whether it’s from outside influences. With his knowledge translating to the brand’s products, I think only big things can happen for Tenement.

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SEAR by K.F.

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I can’t make recommendations without making a food recommendation because it’s the most common SME ever since the quarantine started. There’s this new brand called SEAR by KF, and I like it because (I do not intend this pun), it doesn’t spoon-feed food to you. Sear is run by this chef named Kim and what he does is he prepares the food for you, and it arrives at you frozen, whether it’s ribs, steak, or those kinds of dishes. He says, “I do 90 percent of the cooking for you; all I have to do is put it in a pan.” And I think that that’s incredible because it allows him to put in all the love and everything he’s learned through culinary school and all the best practices that he’s acquired through his chef journey into the food but still allows you as a consumer to be part of that preparation process. If we’re having people over, especially friends or loved ones, that’s a great expression of how much we care for them. Because with all due respect to ready-to-eat food, I guess this allows for more fellowship and love which are really important nowadays.

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