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"Litte Patricia wants to eat, an extraodinary treat, authentic Thai food on the street. Where to be, where could she be? She said -- I shall eat and shop, at CHATUCHAK MARKET, Where is the map? I shall go and MARK IT!" What is travelling without food experience? Every country boasts a cultural expression through food. Despite of differences, food unites people from all over the world. Food venture is one of the things that bridge cultures. Similarities and differences of food staples and palates make it more compelling for tourists to recognize food representations. Moreover, Thailand is branded to be a melting pot for food gastronomy. Their cuisine is certainly a treat to the taste buds as it is a blend of 4s: sweet, spicy, sour, and salty. For that, people will definitely enjoy eating the local gastronomy of Thailand after they finish their Bangkok day trips and temple runs. For me, the best place to go for a trEAT in Bangkok is to visit CHATUCHAK MARKET. It is a place to spot for food that won't let any tourist go home with a sad tummy. Although the market may be overcrowded at times, it does not literally impose a bad news. Because you know what they say, "When a place has long lines for food, the food is definitely worth a try." Aside from the good number of food choices, Chatuchak Market brings cultural food experience to people. It is known how each food staple tells a story of history, social idenity, and cultural food consumption. We get to try what every Thai experience in their taste receptors and palates. Also, we get to explore and understand deeper why Thai cuisine is known as one of Asia's melting pot country. Thus, the market becomes a home for people who loves to eat and witness the culture of Thai gastronomy. But really, what is more to Chatuchak market? The market is also known for shopping hauls. Tourists consider visiting the place because it is like hitting two birds with one stone: eating and shopping. Just like any typical tourists, cheap finds and bargains are an important thing. Chatuchak market becomes the go-to place for shoppers who are enthusiastic about grabbing home their most favorite souvenirs at a lower price. From clothes to bags, fashionable hats, textiles, figurines, and accessories -- whatever it may be, name it and Chatuchak has it!!! CHATUCHAK MARKET is completely going to be your favorite food guide and one-stop shop. So, to anyone who wants to save their time? Maximize your stay at Bangkok by marking CHATUCHAK MARKET on your itinerary. Say bye-bye to limited time, say hi-hi to buy-buys!!!!

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Open today: 09:00-18:00

Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

ถนน กำแพงเพชร 2 แขวง จตุจักร เขต จตุจักร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10900

+66 2 272 4813
Outdoors, Sheltered but Open Air

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Patricia Celso  a year ago

@yammybee crickets 👌

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@clarissacelso libre mo ko, libre kita

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@clarissacelso maaas!

Ma. Clarisss  a year ago

bleh hehe

Ma. Clarisss  a year ago

Libre mo ako when we visit there

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@carrzy crazy right?!

Mary Axle Celso  a year ago

@patricia.celso good decision!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@dinosaurus will take advantage of the cheap prices

Dino Isteban  a year ago

buy anything you want here! it is all cheap

Hanzel  a year ago

There are many good finds there

Mary Joy Maturan  a year ago

Chatuchak ♥️♥️♥️

Cindy Tabacon  a year ago

I belong here!!! Food plus shopping, O M G

Joseph Laurel  a year ago

Go for the food

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@maryaxlecelso yes!! but I think the ones in Khlong Lat Mayom are better daw? but will do taste, then compare.

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@henryseeyou hahaha you pa ba??

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@bslnoeh_ Ikr! Kahit di mo na sabihin 😇

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@nathanielcai gotchu!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@notyourkieferravena sure! di kita kalimutan. Thanks for helping me

Basil Dumalaog  a year ago

Buy me a figurine huhu add ko sa collection ko

Henry See  a year ago

Agh! I'll prolly grab all the food there hahaha yumm

Mary Axle Celso  a year ago

Had too many memories here when I was in Thailand. Dont forget to taste their coconut pancakes there.

Kiefer Tabasco  a year ago

buy buy bago bye bye = pasalubong for kiefer

Prime Alexa  a year ago

yes to buy-buys!

Nathan  a year ago


Patricia Celso  a year ago

@yammybee yas! thats why i wanna try it huhu. i love new things

Rafael Inocencio  a year ago

Pretty awesomeeee

Carina Lopez  a year ago

2-in-1 market

Yam Bersola  a year ago

There are many exotic street food there

Steven Gumbano  a year ago

Bon appetit!

Ian Sabado  a year ago


Patrick Ernest Celso  a year ago

Good choice for a weekend market!

Jan David  a year ago


Patricia Celso  a year ago

@kathcelsobelmonte Will get you pasalubongs mwa

Kath Cebel  a year ago

There are so many good finds there!!!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@pdextertcelso I'm always ready!!!

Dexter Celso  a year ago

Get your tummy ready. AND YOUR WALLET

Jenifer Galitan  a year ago

goodluck girl!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@rica.bambilla sure. ikaw pa ba? pero hahahaha dapat makapunta muna me 🙈

Rica Bambilla  a year ago

pabili me

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@leannecarigaba onaman yes!

Leanne Carigaba  a year ago

pasalubong na lang hahaha

Aya Jaronilla  a year ago


Oyo Malibot  a year ago

busog lusog ka jan

Mark Renzo  a year ago

super ganda

Inklings  a year ago

I've heard all the good food and shopping finds in Chatuchak Market

Benjamin Toledo  a year ago

a very wide market

Jan David Vivas  a year ago


pamela wan  a year ago

I have the same wishlist as yours!

PJ Celso  a year ago


Cass Belmonte  a year ago

Witty po!

JT Jayden  a year ago


Jazz Canizares  a year ago