Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market

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"Little Patricia goes with the flow, she knows, Thailand has still a lot more to show, Where to be, where could she be? She said -- Travelling keeps me aFLOAT let's taste BANG-COOK, Khlong Mat Layom Market -- I am shookt!" Who says that Bangkok is just all about the hustle and bustle? The capital of Thailand is not just a home for overoccupied locals and busy tourists, but a sanctuary for everyone who wants to chill, relax, and feed their hungry tummies. The KHLONG LAT MAYOM FLOATING MARKET is one of the epitomes of Thailand's traditional market. It traverses the local life on the country lanes of its downtown, while giving the tourists a glimpse of Bangkok's cultural food exchanges. The journey to this floating market tracks a different length of peace. Unlike the other floating markets that are crowded, KHLONG LAT MAYOM explores serene canals that passes through residential homes far away from superstructures of the urban. All the more, a visit to KHLONG LAT MAYOM FLOATING MARKET won't just be a simple boat ride experience but a dive into a sea of food ventures. The route will lead you to the hidden gastronomy of Thailand. The canals will advance you to a genuine community which reveals how the life in downtown is full of palatable dishes, too! Hence, after a busy food trip and shopping spree at the weekend market, you can try something new by riding a boat and rowing through this floating market at Taling Ching, Bangkok. The food prices here compared to other markets near the metro are comparatively cheaper (Hi, Travel Budgetarians! Good news, huh?) Overall, this floating market is a paradise for everyone like me who wants to experience the taste of Bang-cook's ready to eat food. Different kinds of grilled seafoods are paraded along the floating market, which I guess would ignite the seafood lover in me. But aside from this, KHLONG LAT MAYOM is famous for their quality fruits which I think would make me bring spacious eco bags to help myself from bringing every fruit that I love! Lastly, who would wanna miss their version of Pad Thai and Coconut Pancake? Definitely, not me!!! So, who knows? The next time you see me posting my travel adventures, I am already rowing my way to KHLONG LAT MAYOM FLOATING MARKET!

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Comments (53)

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@rafainow 🥘

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@clarissacelso THUMBS UP

Ma. Clarisss  3 years ago

I want to stay afloat. So I will travel with you!

Mary Axle Celso  3 years ago

@patricia.celso waaah goodluck

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@maryaxlecelso i love you more hahahah

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@dinosaurus i love water!!

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@dinosaurus hahahah medj

Dino Isteban  3 years ago

pweds din paka senti while at the boat

Dino Isteban  3 years ago

enjoy the water

Hanzel  3 years ago

food are super cheap there

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@mjmaturan the reason i have it on my list, siz!

Mary Joy Maturan  3 years ago

Khlong Lat Mayom over anything else ♥️

Santi Zamora  3 years ago

Is this in BKK too?

Cindy Tabacon  3 years ago

Their cultural market tradition never fades

Joseph Laurel  3 years ago

the canals will lead you to a good food experience

Patricia Celso  3 years ago


Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@bslnoeh_ Felt like I am in Bangkok too while making this list.

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@henryseeyou hoy ka rin :(

Basil Dumalaog  3 years ago

Feels good to read this one. Feel ko nasa Bangkok din ako.

Henry See  3 years ago

Hoy little patricia hahahaha

Mary Axle Celso  3 years ago

I love floating markets!!!

Kiefer Tabasco  3 years ago

go with the flow

Prime Alexa  3 years ago


Nathan  3 years ago

travel to the fullest

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@yammybee yuppp. saw it too. heard all the good things about this floating market and i wanna try it because its beyond the mainstream

Rafael Inocencio  3 years ago

@carrzy same siz

Rafael Inocencio  3 years ago

bang, bang, bang-cook!!!!

Carina Lopez  3 years ago

Wanna try this too

Yam Bersola  3 years ago

Saw this as one of the most recommended floating markets in BKK

Steven Gumbano  3 years ago

hoping to see you achieving this goal

Ian Sabado  3 years ago

A good experience for you!

Patrick Ernest Celso  3 years ago

Expi level 100

Jan David  3 years ago


Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@kathcelsobelmonte fave 💓

Kath Cebel  3 years ago

No one wants to miss Pad Thai!

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@pdextertcelso mwa mwa i love you!

Dexter Celso  3 years ago

all the happiness for you 🙏

Jenifer Galitan  3 years ago

i love it!

Rica Bambilla  3 years ago

bkk dreams

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@leannecarigaba ano ba hahahah

Leanne Carigaba  3 years ago

tamang bangka lang

Aya Jaronilla  3 years ago

beautiful cultural market tradition 🥰

Oyo Malibot  3 years ago

may pa-row row row your boat pa hahahaah

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@pammywanny food goalsz

Mark Renzo  3 years ago

ito ang gusto ko!

Inklings  3 years ago

nice concept

Benjamin Toledo  3 years ago

this is nice

Jan David Vivas  3 years ago


pamela wan  3 years ago

Pad thai is soo goood!

PJ Celso  3 years ago


Cass Belmonte  3 years ago


JT Jayden  3 years ago


Jazz Canizares  3 years ago


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