The Golden Palace

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Wishlisted by Patricia Celso

"Little Patricia loves history, she finds new discovery, in every country. Where to be, where could she be? She said -- King Chulalongkorn for my ancient class, THAI want to see his GRAND PALACE." As a historian, we were taught by our professors that reading history books is like time travelling. It brings us to the ancient times. But what’s more important as a historian is to find connection between the past and the present. And I only find my way in revealing the truth and whispers of history whenever I travel. For that, I am not only discovering the world, but determining my mission as student of history. When I started my journey as an AB-History student, I first learned about the early civilization of Southeast Asia. In that course, I was introduced to the world of ancient cultures. But what struck me the most in that class, was unfolding the mysteries and stories of the early Kingdoms in Thailand. Since then, I’ve been dreaming to visit the country and discover the intricacies of its history. To actualize this dream, I want to visit the GRAND PALACE in Bangkok. Considering that the palace once became a home of their crowning rulers from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, I want to explore its architecture and functioning halls. Reading the history of Thailand is not enough to give justice as to how beautiful their journey is as a “Land of the Free”. I want to uncover their historical odyssey in this palace as if I can touch their abstract past. My mom, who had been to Thailand when she was young, told me that the GRAND PALACE has temples and museums situated in the area and mural paintings and artefacts displayed in every corner and walls. Because of what she said, it enticed me more to visit the place because I know that those concrete things will be my guide to experience things that have transpired in Thailand centuries ago. So, if you think you are a sentimental wanderer like me who also wants to divulge on the memories of Thailand, make sure to add this on your wish list.


Open today: 11:30-14:00, 18:00-22:00

10/1 อาคาร Windsor Suites Sukhumvit 20 Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

+66 2 262 1234

Comments (54)

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@nathanielcai GRANDEST as what they say

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@anyayahanmoako 🥰🥰🥰

Ma. Clarisss  3 years ago

not just a grand palace, but the GRANDEST palace

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@maryaxlecelso will budget my time well

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@cindy.tbcn so perf for the holidayss. visit thailand

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@dinosaurus indeed!

Dino Isteban  3 years ago

Such a beaut

Hanzel  3 years ago

Thailand ♥️♥️

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@jazzfainsan1 THIS PLACE IS FOR US!

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@mjmaturan noted!

Mary Joy Maturan  3 years ago

visit this on your day 1

Cindy Tabacon  3 years ago

Their history never fails to amaze me. The only Southeast Asian country that was never colonized.

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@josephlaurel poem partner!

Joseph Laurel  3 years ago

On the Land of the Free/ The Grand Palace smiles with glee/ This is the place to be.

Patricia Celso  3 years ago


Basil Dumalaog  3 years ago

grand palace 👌 very famous in Thailand.

Mary Axle Celso  3 years ago

Will take you half a day in this palace, and still woulnt be enough to explore it. waaah 😭

Kiefer Tabasco  3 years ago


Prime Alexa  3 years ago


Anya Subido  3 years ago

def love your list

Nathan  3 years ago

GRAND cause its GRANDLY big

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@yammybee I am on the go!

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@rafainow I will!!!

Rafael Inocencio  3 years ago

Create beautiful memories, Trishyy!

Carina Lopez  3 years ago

Hail to thee.

Yam Bersola  3 years ago


Steven Gumbano  3 years ago

Bangkok has a lot of hidden treasures!

Ian Sabado  3 years ago

Good choice!

Leanne Carigaba  3 years ago

@patricia.celso HAHAHA sorna

Patrick Ernest Celso  3 years ago

@kathcelsobelmonte yes kakai, dami na alam sa history hahahs

Patrick Ernest Celso  3 years ago

The historical trademark of Thailand forever lives in this Grand Palace.

Jan David  3 years ago


Kath Cebel  3 years ago

The home of Chulalongkorn

Dexter Celso  3 years ago

wishing you all the best

Jenifer Galitan  3 years ago


Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@rica.bambilla hahaha pero fave pa rin ♥️

Rica Bambilla  3 years ago

grabe dami natin pinag aralan diyan

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@leannecarigaba SHH 🙈

Leanne Carigaba  3 years ago

dami nanaman post sa ig hahahs

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@oyomalibot hopefully??? char hahahah

Aya Jaronilla  3 years ago

truly, grand!

Oyo Malibot  3 years ago

vlogger/blogger na ba next time? 😂

Patricia Celso  3 years ago

@cecexyreline wow i feel the support hahaha

Mark Renzo  3 years ago

Go couz!

Trick Oslec  3 years ago

boss trish, makasaysayan hahaha

Inklings  3 years ago

adding it on my wishlist 😊

Benjamin Toledo  3 years ago

The Grand Palace is a must-see in Thailand!

Jan David Vivas  3 years ago


pamela wan  3 years ago


PJ Celso  3 years ago


Cass Belmonte  3 years ago


Clarissa  3 years ago

Truly, a majestic palace!

JT Jayden  3 years ago


Jazz Canizares  3 years ago


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