Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

วัดอรุณราชวราราม ราชวรมหาวิหาร

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"Little Patricia then checks upon, a temple religiously known. Her stares are drawn, Where to be, WAT could it be? She said -- There's an inner peace in WAT ARUN, DAWN't stop me, I'll trace Buddhism in the Temple of Dawn." In one of my favorite movies, “Eat, Pray, Love”, Elizabeth Gilbert journeyed into a quest of soul-searching. In order to find tranquility and harmony within herself, she found her way praying in India. Just like her, I want to find my own balance. I want to seek my own escape from the knots and tangles of not knowing myself enough. Perchance, a good emancipation is to be spiritually healed. Through a sojourn in Bangkok’s WAT ARUN, peace wouldn’t be that far miles away anymore from your heart. The temple is known to be the “Temple of Dawn”, and for sure, the temple will give you enlightenment before dawn strikes. It is one of the major temples in Bangkok that houses Buddhism, hence, one can actually meditate here (If there wouldn’t be much people). In this temple, tourists can enjoy climbing up its steep stairs and reach the main prang of the temple. After this strenuous activity under the hot sun, you can see the scenic view of Bangkok and picturesque of Chao Phraya River on the side. So, just like what others say, everything is more worth it with a little sacrifice. Neverthless, you wouldn’t regret having this TEMPLE RUN!

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Open today: 08:00-17:30

158 Thanon Wang Doem, Khwaeng Wat Arun, Khet Bangkok Yai, Bangkok, Thailand

+66 2 891 2185

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Gerald Agustin  a year ago

wat a run! 🏃‍♀️

Ma. Clarisss  a year ago

I'd love to reach the prang!!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@rafainow DAWNTYA!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@dinosaurus wishing you all the best ✨

Dino Isteban  a year ago

hope i can visit this one day

Hanzel  a year ago


Patricia Celso  a year ago

@mjmaturan where is the lie?!!

Mary Joy Maturan  a year ago

Dito walang game over, kaya ito ang temple run na gusto ko

Cindy Tabacon  a year ago

Buddhism is so strong in Thailand. They are bounded with deep faith.

Joseph Laurel  a year ago

This temple is so instagrammable!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@primecelso better than the virtual temple run 🤗

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@notyourkieferravena i love the wit. Thanks for the support, man!

Basil Dumalaog  a year ago

wow, nice temple naman itsu

Mary Axle Celso  a year ago

Temple of Dawn is so gorg

Kiefer Tabasco  a year ago

WAT you see is WAT you get

Prime Alexa  a year ago

Probably, the temple run I'd love to play.

Nathan  a year ago

@rafainow DAWTYA? hahahhahahah

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@yammybee i studied thailand, and even history books tell that the country never disappoints when it comes to such things!

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@rafainow haha making things all witty and stuff

Rafael Inocencio  a year ago

Dawnt ya wish your itinerary was hot like this 🙈

Carina Lopez  a year ago

I learned a lot from eat pray love too!

Yam Bersola  a year ago

Bangkok will teach you a lot about preserving history and heritage.

Steven Gumbano  a year ago

There are a lot more temples in Bangkok. Check it out.

Ian Sabado  a year ago

Wat Arun will extremely captivate your soul.

Leanne Carigaba  a year ago

@patricia.celso naisingit ko pa ung kdrama dito 😂

Patrick Ernest Celso  a year ago

Temple of Dawn 💛

Jan David  a year ago

Soliddd ❤️

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@kathcelsobelmonte Hehehe 🙈🙈🙈

Kath Cebel  a year ago

@pdextertcelso Tito!!!! 💓

Kath Cebel  a year ago

in Bangkok

Kath Cebel  a year ago

One of the most visited temples 🙏

Patricia Celso  a year ago

@pdextertcelso and im a proud daughter!!! You taught me so much history, dad!

Dexter Celso  a year ago

proud father here

Jenifer Galitan  a year ago


Rica Bambilla  a year ago


Patricia Celso  a year ago

@leannecarigaba NA BONG SUN HAHAHAHA

Leanne Carigaba  a year ago


Aya Jaronilla  a year ago

im a fan!

Oyo Malibot  a year ago

yes naman

Mark Renzo  a year ago

makarating ka rin jan

Trick Oslec  a year ago


Inklings  a year ago

no regrets

Benjamin Toledo  a year ago

Good choice

Jan David Vivas  a year ago


pamela wan  a year ago


PJ Celso  a year ago

awesoooome temple

Cass Belmonte  a year ago

Full of peace and serenity.

Jazz Canizares  a year ago