How Patronus candles started
Since we have been confined in our homes for the past few months, Patronus candles was created to give that relaxing atmosphere while working at home, while doing tasks or just when you need that me-time or meditation time to relax and recharge. The main goal was to make the different scents help you experience the fresh smell of the beach, the relaxing bamboo forest or just to put you in a holiday mood. If you need something to calm you, relieve your anxiety, and help induce sleep - our handcrafted, scented soy candles will help you achieve much needed relaxation. The name Patronus candles was inspired by the famous Harry Potter spell, “Expecto patronum!” which conjures a Patronus. In HP world, a Patronus is a physical manifestation of one’s most positive feelings. It is conjured by recalling one’s happiest memories. It conjures joy, happiness, and hope. We hope our hand-crafted scented soy candles help conjure positivity, tranquility, and happiness as their wicks flicker as you relax.
Our edge: Handcrafted, Hand-poured, Scented Soy candles
Our hand poured candles have been gently infused with fragrance oils and made with natural, environmentally safe soy wax, and pure cotton wicks. We use soy wax since it is 100% natural, burns cleaner, and does not emit harmful chemicals. That’s why the Patronus scented soy candle is better and safer for you and the environment. All candles have double wicks, researched, measured, and carefully placed to help you complete that candle experience by getting all that aroma and at the same time, having the perfect melt pool that a candle should have. A perfect melt pool will allow the diffusion of the candle fragrance into your personal space. They were also carefully designed and hand crafted just for you to fully experience their elegance, soothing aroma and aesthetically appealing appearance.
Our promise
Our promise is to deliver and provide high quality candles and wax melts that are handcrafted and environmentally safe.

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