How it started
Premé is a local brand that stemmed during the lockdown period of the pandemic. We had all the time to appreciate and add fun to the daily activities that we usually take for granted during busy and occupied days. One of those that we appreciated the most was enhancing our experience in taking a bath and taking the time to do our skincare regimen. Recognizing how better it made us feel, we wanted to share the same feeling with everyone else. So, we took the chance and came up with bath and body treats that will give out amazing benefits to people's skin with the use of naturally derived ingredients, at the same time make their personal care time more fun and enjoyable (who doesn't love cute stuff right?) We want to instill to everyone the importance of taking care of our skin and our body as a form of self love. With that as our goal in mind, we created Premé.🤍
Love for local
Our products are handmade from the manufacturing to the packaging. We meticulously check the quality of every detail done in the process with the help of our partner suppliers. To be compassionate with our environment, we promote sustainability through the use of environmentally conscious packaging and developing eco-friendly initiatives. We are a brand that does not only level up one’s personal experience but also put the users’ skin, the animal friends and mother nature in mind.
We made it for you!
Every time you use our products, so as to even just hear or see our brand, we want you to feel a splash of freshness in celebration of yourself. We aim to serve as a reminder to celebrate yourself and to appreciate how even the tiniest things, such as feeling fresh or smelling good, can make that much of a difference in our daily lives. With us, you look, smell & feel your best.

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