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Birthstone Ring
PHP 300
Birthstone Rings Sold per piece We've always been fascinated with crystals. ✨ Since I was a little kid it makes me giddy seeing crystals. My first crystal was Red Jasper. I have always brought it wherever I go. It was a tumbled stone and kinda looks like a red little pebble. Hihi I remember crying a lot when it broke but I read according to some books, when crystals break or were lost it means it has served its purpose to you— crystals break or fade if it has absorbed bad vibes or saved you from danger or illness. They also say that you should pick a crystal based on how you feel (vibration and energy) because that is what you need at the moment. We are amazed by the history, origin and wide spectrum of colors of natural crystals. From a single tumbled stone I collected crystals since I was elementary. Well... let's just say now I have more crystals than friends. From tumbled stones, shell fossils to small geodes and a little bit of double terminated, too. 🤣 Some believe the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, some are skeptics. For us, we feel inspired by the natural beauty of crystals, the story behind each and the feeling of happiness it brings...either way the magic that we're looking for has always been within us. That is why we've decided to make Birthstone Rings. Sometimes we just need a cute little reminder of our personal power—that we can make things happen. ✨ When purchasing kindly send us which Birthstone Ring/s are you purchasing as well as your ring size. :) Tarnish-resistant

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