The Grand Palace


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Whenever I do out of the country trips, I always make sure to visit a piece of history to get to know the country more. The Grand Palace is a must-see when visiting Bangkok, Thailand. Imagine visiting the official residence of their king from hundreds of years ago! Now it's open to the public, here's our chance to walk like a royal. 👑

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Open today: 08:30-15:30

Na Phra Lan Road, Old City (Rattanakosin), Bangkok, Thailand

ถนนหน้าพระลาน, เขตพระนคร ( รัตนโกสินทร์ )

Comments (35)

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@kaylie08 ohh that's interesting! You must like royal aesthetic

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@amihan 🎶🎶🎶

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@nayou1 ❤️

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ekalamosus 👑

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@sarahglang indeed!

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@paolo420 WE. ARE. GOING. TO. BANGKOK.

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@lalaland24 i'd love to be a royal for a day

Kaylie  3 years ago

My dream home aesthetic!

Amihan  3 years ago

Cue royals 🎶

Na You  3 years ago


Rpd Aries  3 years ago

Truly fit for royalty

John Delu  3 years ago

what a majestic sight

Robert Paolo C. Deluria  3 years ago

@snacklord 2020 is year of travel and im already claiming that we're going tk bangkok!!!

Lala  3 years ago


Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon @probinsyano @paolo420 I believe 2020 is your year ❤️❤️❤️

Darwin Tuazon  3 years ago

@snacklord @probinsiyano already has someone else now 💔

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@probinsyano aww you and @ardeetuazon should go. Yieee

Miguel Vega  3 years ago

we didn't get to pass by this place and regret it every time. this place is a beauty

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon oh shucks! Too bad. Hopefully we get to go here with Netizens :)

Darwin Tuazon  3 years ago

Regret not being able to go here cause of an event they had before cause this place really looks too good!

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@moanaloaaa the more tangible option hahaha

Mo   3 years ago

@snacklord 😂😂😂

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@acmau22 truly one of the essentials 👌🏾

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@moanaloaaa of course!! Anyone can be treated like one but not everyone can actually be one. So let's try the first option 😅

Angeline C. Maulawin  3 years ago

History... history... a must when you travel

Mo   3 years ago

its so interesting to think that there are also asian countries that have kings and queens! must visit!

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@suntanline actually. I bet it looks even more majestic in person

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@pongdelicious I'll take your photos tita!

Patricia Deluria  3 years ago

This place looks really intriguing. It's amazing that it still looks majestic after all these years!

Elalaine Deluria  3 years ago

I'd love to take some great photos here!

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@probinsyano G? Let's match that with local fashion

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@ardeetuazon preach! 🙌🏾

Angela Maulawin  3 years ago

@paolo420 I agree with this whole-heartedly. Even within our country, the culture varies from one city to another. What more in another beautiful city like Bangkok, Thailand? 🙈

Miguel Vega  3 years ago

Let's be royals for a day? 😉

Robert Paolo C. Deluria  3 years ago

Learning about new and different cultures gives us new perspective in life. One of the upsides of traveling!

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