Tanah Lot

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Memory by Wabisavi

The most visited and photographed temple in Bali, and as such a bringer of mixed feelings. There was a time when Bali was not as insta-famous, and you could admire the full beauty of this rocky temple floating above the tide. A lazy stroll up the meandering streets lined with shops would take you to the many Warungs perched on the cliff, where you could enjoy a magical sunset while washing away the day's heat sipping from a fresh coconut. These days, prepare to elbow your way through throngs of tourists waving selfie sticks and scams and pickpockets galore. Armed with good timing you could probably still be able to feel the mystical aura of this temple, but only you can decide if it's worth the trouble. Originally named Tengah Lod ("in the sea"), legend has it that a travelling hinduist priest established a temple here for Baruna, the sea god. In an attempt to escape an attack by the local villagers, the priest shifted the enormous rock he was meditating on out into the sea, transforming his sashes into his guardian sea snakes. The rock and temple you see here today are mostly artificial reconstructions daring back to the Japanese colonization. 💸 It's common in Bali to be approached by locals asking you to take a picture with them on their phone (a rather awkward experience at times, but since it's happened to me in other countries as well, one I find hard to decline at times). Of course, pickpockets will take full advantage of this! Approaching you as an unassuming couple of tourists, while one will take the picture, the accomplice will stand with you in the shot. While you are posing, they will attempt to slash your bag and steal your valuables. 💸 When paying the entrance fee, carefully check your change the moment you receive it. Especially when there is a big crowd around, it happens that the ticket staff will "accidentally" get the change wrong. ❗ If you came without a private driver and are considering taking a Grab out, be extra careful of the taxi mafia. As with all touristy locations, when your Grab arrives, the mafia may aggressively harass both you and your driver. Walk a bit further away from the attraction, possibly to a side road, and ask your Grab driver to pick you up there. Admission Fee: 60'000IDR

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